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Finale by Stephanie Garber [REVIEW]

When I started to read this book, I put it down after the first 80 pages and sent a message to my friend to tell her that I felt like I was reading a fanfiction of the first two books. I think the author got too carried away with trying to please the fans: I was someone who wanted more Tella and Legend, but not this much.

It’s sad when a book doesn’t live up to your expectations, especially when you spend a year with it as your most anticipated book. If it was a standalone, this could have been great. But, when you remember that it’s the final book in a trilogy you loved every word of, it’s hard to ignore how it’s missing all the magic you put it on a pedestal for.

I wish I could give it a half star rating, because 3 stars is too low, but 4 stars is too high. I originally gave it 4, but I’m rounding down to 3 because that’s a better representation of my first reaction to the book. It’s almost painful for me to write this review because of how highly I think of the series.

This review has so many potential spoilers that I’m not going to tag them all, otherwise it will just look like a ‘fill in the blanks’.

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Legendary by Stephanie Garber [Review]

This is one of those books where I originally didn’t want it. As much as I loved Caraval and wanted more of that magical world, I kind of felt that it was good enough to standalone, and I was afraid that a sequel would be a let-down. But this is also one of those rare books where I loved the sequel so much more than the first book.

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Caraval by Stephanie Garber [Review]

I read this back in January but (eight months later) suddenly decided to review every book I’ve read this year. So, here I am.

First thing first: this book is completely magical. I’ve seen it about on Instagram and Twitter for so long surrounded by so much positive vibes that I was almost afraid to read it because I thought it would be overhyped and wouldn’t live up to the expectations. But Caraval surpassed all my expectations and more. I’ve always had an interest in circus/carnival themed books but I’ve never found one that really caught my attention until now.

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