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“I Should Have Read That” Tag

The irony of being a book blogger and a book lover is that I spent a lot of time talking about reading and hoarding books, and spent very little time actually reading. My TBR has overflowed from one shelf onto another and will soon dominate an entire bookcase. I do feel guilty, but reading and writing and most things in life are just for fun, so I shouldn’t, right?

Anyway, I have a lot of books I want to read and a lot of books people are shocked I haven’t read, so I’m going to motivate myself to read them by doing this tag and telling you what they are.

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Week Two #MyWIPMay2019

After months of having no motivation to put words on a page, I’m back!

One Camp NaNo has just ended, and another one is about to begin, and I won’t participate in either this year, so I’m taking the blog posts of this month to talk about my current WIP. I found a daily Instagram challenge by @vesselofink, but as I don’t have a dedicated book Instagram account and don’t want to do short blog posts every day, I’m going to try a weekly post and answer a bunch of the questions at once.

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The Rising Author Tag (that I wasn’t tagged in)

When I was thirteen, I started writing a book which became my first published novel. It’s self-published, but it’s out in the world for people to read, so I think that technically makes me an author? I’d like to think that I’m slowly rising as an author since the short stories I wrote as a seven-year-old to help me learn my spellings.

For this blog, I’m answering questions from The Rising Author Tag which I believe was created by Jem Jones.

Let’s begin.

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New Year Writing Goals

Beautiful People’ is a project created by a book blog that I love (Paper Fury), aimed at writers. Every month, they post a list of ten questions for people to answer, designed to help you get to know their characters – their quirks, their flaws, their personality, and who they are. Occasionally, there are groups of questions aimed at the writers and their writing progress, rather than just what they’re writing about.

For this blog, I’m going to be answering a group of questions. I believe that this group is the January 2016 group (I updated the years in the questions so it fits in with the current time), and I’d love to see everyone else’s responses to these questions. I’ll put the complete list of questions at the very end of the blog.

Let’s begin!

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